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  • Q. Can anyone shoot at Range 82?

    You must be a member or a guest of a member of Range 82 to use the facilities and ranges.
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  • Q. How much range time do you get with membership?

    Your annual membership fee includes 1 year of all the shooting you can do during open hours. You also get 6 guest passes a year.

  • Q. Does everyone have to undergo a criminal background check before becoming a member?

    No, individuals that are on active duty military service, sworn law enforcement personnel, or that possess current concealed weapons permits in the Commonwealth of Virginia are not required to present a criminal records check.

  • Q. What is the purpose of the background check?

    The owners of Range 82 wish to ensure that our facility is as safe as possible both for our patrons and our staff.  We are a unique facility in the types of training that are allowed on the range, and we wish to ensure that individuals using the facility meet the Virginia requirements to practice with a firearm.

  • Q. Does Range 82 sell ammo?

    We do not sell ammunition on site. 

  • What if I forget my safety gear?

    Eye protection, ear protection, and targets are available at the range.

  • Q. How busy is the range? Is there a wait time for a lane?

    The Range is first come/ first serve, but wait times are generally very short, if at all.

  • Q. What is it like shooting under the steel structure at the 35 yard line?

    The Range is open, so sound tends to dissipate quickly. There is no noticeable difference in sound levels versus an indoor facility when using ear protection.

  • Q. What is it like to shoot at Range 82? I always feel rushed at some other ranges.

    We do our best to provide a safe, relaxed shooting environment for our members. If you are an experienced shooter, we give you the space to work. If you are a new shooter, we are always available to help you get the most out of your range day.

  • Q. What weapons are allowed at the range?

    This includes up to .45 Handguns, .46 Rifles, and .54 Black Powder Rifles. If you have a unique caliber or have a question as to whether your firearm is allowed, please contact us.