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When you join Range 82, you’ll become a member of an exceptional facility whose number one goal is to operate a safe range and promote safe shooting sports.

To see how you like the range, you can visit us for a trial day at the hourly guest rate.

Benefits include:

  • No hourly range fee for members. Members have unlimited shooting during open hours.
  • Access to our 100 yard flat range with 16 firing points.
  • 1,000 square space in the main building includes 35 yard line, with covered yard lines at 50 and 100 — keeping you dry and out of the mud while you shoot.
  • 200 yard line rifle shooting is available to members that can demonstrate their ability to hold a four inch group from the 100 yard line.
  • Our range uses an Action Target System that face targets 90 degrees for a specific amount of time, before it turns them away.
  • Our 35 yard line facility is 6″ of concrete for agencies to practice shooting with vehicles.
  • 6 guest passes per year.
  • Underage dependents may be added to your membership for a small annual fee.

Membership Dues & Fees

Non-members are invited to shoot during one (1) visit at $20/hour, minimum 1 hour, before membership is required.

Membership Dues $300 per year
Age Requirements You must be 21 years of age or older to become a member. Any underage dependents (under 21) can be added to  your membership for an additional $10 per dependent annually.
Gear Requirements Eye/ Hearing protection, gun, bullets, and targets required for all shooters. There is no rental or purchase of equipment at range.
Guests Members get 6 guest passes per year. Guests pay $20/hour.

Become a Member

  1. Membership Packet. The application includes a signed Hold Harmless and Range Safety Rules Agreements. You can type your information in this PDF file and print, or save a copy and email. Your dues can be paid by cash, check, or credit card. Contact the office with payment questions.
  2. Submit a criminal record check.
    This is required for the safety of our members, personnel and the community. Shooters may submit Virginia State Police Form SP-167 (Criminal Record Check) or their state’s equivalent. Pickup a form at the Range, or get a copy from the Virginia State Police website. Individuals that are on active duty military service, sworn law enforcement personnel, or that possess current concealed weapons permits in the Commonwealth of Virginia are not required to present a criminal records check.

Have questions? Need more information?

Give us a call at (571) 722-7342