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Custom Range Solutions

Our existing range was designed with two commercial uses: weapons re-qualifications and custom training for large clients with unique requirements. In addition, we can build additional ranges and structures based on a specific design or unit requirement on short notice.

  • We have the expertise and experience to design and build a range structure that measures up to your unique training needs.
  • Indoor ranges, shoot houses, or “steel” ranges are all possible on our property. Depending on the type of range, we could have additional ranges under construction ready for delivery within 90 days of the contract being signed.
  • We can provide instructors, and/or range safety officers if needed.

We are uniquely positioned in the Northern Virginia area to provide federal and local agencies, or corporations that are in the firearms training industry, a wide variety of tactical shooting opportunities.

While the main Range 82 building is a formerly accredited Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), it can be re-certified with minor modifications and updates. The building sits within a four acre fenced compound, has commercial power, back up generators, a separate building for large storage, and space suitable as an HLZ within the fenced area. Range 82 could serve as an ideal Continuity of Operations (COOP) off-site location for a group needing a self-sustaining operational platform in Northern Virginia.

The owners wish to invite any interested parties to the facility to discuss your specific needs or requests. Contact Lee at 571-722-7342 if you have an immediate range requirement.

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